Atlantis: The Complete Season

Hear all five episodes of Cosmic Significance: Atlantis mixed into a single half-hour program by Dave Lassa.

Final Episode of Cosmic Significance: Atlantis

Will the Scurriers be able to stop the Reptilians or will aliens succeed in attacking Atlantis and shattering the human psyche for ten thousand years?  Find out in this final episode of Cosmic Signficance: Atlantis, first heard on WMNF 88.5FM in Tampa.

Atlantis, Episode Four: The End of the World

In the fourth episode of Cosmic Significance: Atlantis we find out what really destroyed the mythic continent.

Atlantis, Episode Three: The Alien Pyramid

It’s true! Aliens really did build the great pyramids! ¬†Find out why in this, the third episode of Cosmic Significance: Atlantis!